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Mint Great money In BANK OF INDIA ,Dena Bank, Not In Stock Future, Even In Commodity  Toooooooo, Nickel -Mcx from 882 to 867


Today Morning We Boldly Updated, 

Our Intraday Msg 1st ————->Sell Bank Of India @ 239 With stoploss of 243

Our Intraday Msg 2st ————->Sell DENA-Bank  @ 633.30 With stoploss of 65

Our Intraday Msg 1st ————->Sell Nickel-Mcx  @ 882 With stoploss of 887

Those Trader Joined,  Yesterday & Day Before Yesterday , Almost,,,
Get Half Subscription Amount,,,

Today’ Intraday Called, & We Already mentioned That If You will Not get
Rs 36000 Profit With In 15 Days Then

So What You Are Waiting  Still Thinking About Our Subscription Money

Yes All Replied 58 Emails,, @ 7:02 Pm


Updated At 7:11 pm 30/Dec/Delhi/India

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