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Nifty Future Direction for 6 Aug ,8670 Is Our Laxman Rekha, Once Cross & Stay Then Only We Seee Fire Work,But Trade With levels


Yes We Are Shouting From last 15 Days, 8670 Is Our Laxman REKHA

Real Bull vala Power Will Come Only On 1 Condition Once Cross
& Stay Above this level, atleast for 15 Minute

Then We Seeee BIG Blassssst  Upto______8780_____8805


Lion Heart Trader Can Take Small Risk For SELL SIDE Betweem 8640______8656  Take 20-30 Pts RISK & Go Short,

Panic SLide Upto________8545_________8490 Level

Updated At 8:30 Am 6/AUG /Delhi/India



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