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Nifty Future Direction for 9 May, Keep Eyes on 7830 Level, & lower Side,7727 Level, Today Around 12:45 To 1:45, Will Seeee Big Move.!!!jai h


Last Closed 7760
Yes Crucial Support Exist At 7727_7670

On Friday Trading Session It Break 7727, But Not Able to Break 7700 Level, 
As Expected Nifty Taken U turn From Our given Time
12:45 To 2:15..  ASTROLOGY..ROCKED AGAIN!!

Today Again Have Eyes On 7727, No Doubt, If Global Market Support, Then 7727___7670
Will make Rocket Bottom
Nifty-9 -May

Already mentioned On Chart U turn level, Yes. No If no But We believe on Our Chart
Study,  Today Have Eyes 7830 Level,Have Eyes-6yes Above 7805 & Can take Risk once Cross & Stay Above this Level, Will Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Sharp Buying Upto__7856____7870 level,

Already mentioned Last Week Our Crucial Lower Support @ 7670_______7630
101%  Market Will Cross 8200 WITH ROCKET BOTTOM!!

Updated At 6:15 Am 9/May/Delhi/India

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