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Nifty Future Roadmap for 1 july, Our laxman Rekha @ 8354 Level, yes Something is Big, Running in Market, can We Seee again , Big Really from this level, or Will See 8200 Again , JAI HO!!


Yes, Intraday Trader, Just keep Eyes on Level, of 8354 Level, Yes, 3 Consecutive Closing Above this level,
Then Will Seeeeeeeeeeeeeee 8630  Level,

In last SWING MOVE From 8310 To 7927, Already 400 Pts Correction Move
Done, & Our Wave has Beeen Completed Fully,
###Now Our Laxman Rekha @ 8354 Level,  once Cross this Level Will
Zooooooooom to kiss 8405_8427 Level,

Intraday Support @ 8236 level, Level, Yes, lion Hear trader, Any Decline Or Panic Sesssion
Keep Stoploss of 8205  & Go Long,

I want one Small Intraday Correction before Crossing Our Laxman Rekha
Now Expiry Game Gone will Do Work… Pefectly

Updated At 8:52 Am 1/ July /Delhi/India

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