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Nifty Future Trading Strategy For 11-july, Yesterday’s  Low B & Yesterday’s High  is very Very Crucial  , Yes, Below 7510 We Seeeeee REAL Blood Bath SELLING , Now What to Expect?

Above is The Chart Of Nifty Future, Daily chart,.,

Have you Seeeen or Not, What Apppppen  yesterday After Our Given Update,

Our Laxman REKHA 7670,,

Yes Below 7510, We Seeeeeeeee Panic, Upto____7460__________7433

Yes Mark My Word, If 3 Cosecutive Closing below
7510, We Seeeeeee Real BlooodBath  Upto________7230_____7100

Keeeep EYES ON 7610, Yes, Above 7610 We Seeeeeee Rallly Upto

Yes, Trade In Small Qty ,  

Updated At 08:00 Am 11/July/Delhi/India

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