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Nifty Future Trading Strategy For 15 Oct , , Dont Panic @ ALL, At lower Level, From 7805________7790  We Seeee SHARP U TURN,

Day Before Yesterday We Boldly Updated That WIll Kiss 7956
Yes, It Kissed 7952 & Crashed Vertically 

Closed @ 7895

Above Is The chart of Nifty Future Daily Chart, Its Clearly  SHowing That

Crucial Support 7830____________7805 Level,

Yes, Don’t Panic @ Lower Level, We Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Sharp U TURN ,,,

Keeeep Stoploss of 7870________7850,  Go LONG,  

Once Cross 7890 We Seeeeeeeeeeeee Rally Upto__________7920_______7956
Level, Thereafter More firework Upto_____7977___8005

Updated At 8:50 Am 16/Oct/Delhi/India

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