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Nifty Future Trading Strategy For 17-june,  , Crucial Suppport @ 7505________7485, Yes, In Spot Nifty, 6 June Gap Filled,, , Now What to Expect?????

Yes, Yesterday We Mentioned That , Nifty Will SHOW, SHARP INTRADAY BOTTOM

Yes, Not Interested To MAKE BIG QTY, Trade in SMALL Qty 2Gap Opening Will Filled be Carefull @ Higher Level

On 11 June We Boldly Mentioned That

In Spot Nifty 6 June Gapped Filled @ 7587,
 Both Gap Filled

HURDLE @ 7554_________7563 If not Cross 7563 THEN  ??????????

Once Cross 7563,  keeeeep Stoplosss of 7540___________7435

& Rally Will Come Upto_7630_7670

One thing Is Sure We Seeeee SHARP BOTTOM Out From Lower Level,
Let Seeeeee

Will Update More To Subscriber Via SMS!!

Updated At 08:00 Am 17/June/Delhi/India

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