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Nifty Future Trading Strategy For 20-Aug , HEADING Towards 8050, Yes be caution @ Higher Level, Between 7956_7780

Yesterday  It Kissed Our Upper Target __7920  &  Closed @  7907

Yes, How Many People Were Long From 7815  To 7920


Nifty Future

Yes  Again we are Shouting That Today Is 3 Day, Be caution 
@ Higher Level, !!!!!

Today is 8th Trading Session From Lower Level, From 7550 To 7920 In Just 7 Trading Session 

Now Its Time For Be Caution @ Higher Level,!   But Only for Intraday 
Sharp Panic !!

Be Caution @ Higher Level, Betweeen 7920_________7956,
Can We Seeee Top for Intraday 

Yes, Take 15-20- Pts Risk Only Only,,,  & Go Short,!!

Lower Target @ 7880________________7856

Above 7920, We Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 7956________7980

Updated At 7:50 Am 20/Aug/Delhi/India

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