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Nifty Future Trading Strategy For 23-july Relax !!!!,  Above 7720, Firework, Will Continue, HEADING TOWARDS 7923___8050+

From 14 July We Boldly Written, WE SEEEE U TURN  FROM 7460_______7430

In 6 Trading Sesssion From 7470 TO 7770,

Single Day We Didn’t Mentioned,

Many Emails Received Regarding Nifty Trend , Asking How YOU are Telling The Trend First In Whole Mkt, !!!

 Yes, Already Updated, Yesterday Above 7720, Se Seee Blasssssssssssssst

We Seeee 7780___7835, Level, In Hourl Only !!!!,

Yes Above 7780, We Seeeee 7835________7860,    Thereafter More Fire
Work upto________7920____7979

Lower Support @ 7720________7670, In Any Panic, Or Decline Our Mantra 
Only Buy !!

Yes One Thing Is Sure, 3 Consecutive Closing Above 7720+ Weekly Closing 
Will Take Tooo 7900 ______8050+ Level, 

No Need To Use Yoru Brain, Just Have Eyes On FII Movement,, Now They Are 
Buying In Front Line Cash Stock 

Yes 101% We Seeeeee 8300_________8500 Level in August Series,
But, It Should be Not Closed Below 7500 

Updated At 08:20Am 23/July/Delhi/India

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