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Nifty Future Trading Strategy For 3 sep , 8156 Will Act As Laxman Rekha Today  11:15 Am To 2:15 pm Sharp Panic On Card, , Only Intraday Panic On CARD !!

Yes, 8156 Will ACT AS LAXMAN REKHA,     Yes  If Not Cross
8156  & Stay below 8130,   

We Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Panic Slide Upto___________8070____8050
Yes Thereafter More Panic On Card !!

If Today Panic Not Happpen then 101% Tomorrow Gap Down Opening ,,
Yes.  Global Panic, We Seeeeeeeeeeee

Yes, We Are Clearly mentioned That ,  8156 Will Act As Laxman Rekha
Lion Heart Trader  Go SHort Between 8156__8170

Will Not Closed Above 8170,

We Seeeeeee SHarp Vertical Fall First.  First We Seeeeee 8000 Level Again 
Then Will Seeeee 8300______8500

On 19 Sep_____23   Sep 

Updated At 8:10 Am 3/Sep/Delhi/India

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