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Stock future Trading Strategy for 17-Sep, GRAP HDIL @ Opening Bell, , Buy PNB  With Stoploss of 950___943

Yes,  GRAP @ Opening BELL,    Our Target______________91_93

Dont Panic @ Lower Level , 85_______83 Our Crucial Support 

Yesterday Boldly Written  Below 501, We Seeeeeeeeeeee
Panic Upto_________486_____480

Made now 486.50,  Yes,  Below 480, We Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
More Panic Upto_____471_____467

Buy Small Small Qty , With Stoploss of 950____________947

We Seeeeeeeee Rally Upto_____980_____995

Updated At 8:30 Am 17/Sep/Delhi/India

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