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Stock Future Trading Strategy for 6 Jan,  I Love FRL, BIOCON, & Ranbaxy ,UNION Bank,Catch AUROBINDO Pharma @ Opening Bell

Catch AUROBINDO Fut. @ Opening Bell & Relax,,,,, Till 2-3 Pm,,,,,

We Seeeeeeee Big Blast……… Upto_426__431,
Yes Above 412, No Woory @ ALL,

Yesterday Already mentioned That, Above 82, WeSeeeeee Fire Fire Work,,,,,

Still Looking SO Hot

Yes, We SEEEEEEEEEE Real Fire Work Upto__________ 86_____89,
Yes Sure In Coming Days We Seeeee 100+ Levels,

LAXMAN REKHA @ 492, In Future

Fresh Round Of Buying,Only Above 492, 

We Seeeeeeeeee Rallly Upto_______ 508______535 Level, In Hour Only !!

Yes Will Update More To Subscriber In Trading Hours Via Sms

Yes Overnight Hodling

Yes,  I Love Union Bank, Ranbaxy,FRL, 

Updated At 9:12 Am 7/Jan/Delhi/India

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