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Trading Strategy for 11- Nov, Crucial Support @ 6150 Once break Then We See Intraday Panic Selling !!


Already I told You  On Thrusday trading Session Below 6230, Panic Selling, Will Be Start
Now Keeep Eyes On 6150.. Below 6150 , No Buying, @ ALL,

Major Hurdle @ 6215_____6230

Yes LION HEART TRADER Can ALSO Buy Small Qty With 6150 Stoploss
But Take Minimum Risk,!!!

Yes, Now Our All Scheme Closed, & If You Missed Then Its Your Fault Babyy

Yes, Mark My Word,, We Seeee 6500 Level In Coming Days,,,,,,Open Challenge,,!! 

Updated At 6:36 Pm 10Nov/Delhi/India

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