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Trading Strategy for 2- Dec, Major Hurdle @ 6245___6267 yes, sharp fall on card ,Lower Support @ 6230, Now What To Expect??

Nifty -Update:

On friday Trading Sesssion I Boldly Written ,

Have Eyes On 6185 Level Very Carefully,

Once Cross 6185 With Volume &  Stay Above This Level , We Seeeeee Blast
Upto_________ 6230__6245, Thereafter More Fire,!!

It Kissed 6243 & Closed @ 6225

6245______6267, Is Major Hurdle LIOn HEART TRADER Can Go Short
But Take Small Risk Only!!!

Suppose if Not Cross 6267,  & Stay Below 6230, We Seeeeee Panic Sesssion Upto_____ 6190_6165
Yes,,, One Thing is Sure, In This Weeek We Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

UNEXPECTED MOVEMENT FROM DELHI CC PEOPLE, Yes We Knows Everything, But You Have To Follow Chart Toooooooo

Updated At 12:24 Am 2/Dec/Delhi/India

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