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Trading Strategy for 21-Oct, Above 6180 .No Worry @ All, Just Relax, Our Crucial Support @ 6050

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Nifty Future Update:

Already We Have Updated On Friday, Our Crucial Support @ 6050, & Fresh Round Of Selling 
On On 1 Condition, If Break Then Only , Till Then Just Relax
Our Target Were _6160_6180

Yes, 101% Something Is Very Big In Mkt,,,,,, And We Seeee Unexpected Movement In This Week

Yes, 3 Consecutive Closing Above 6180 Will Take To ______ 6290_6310____6350,
Yes,,, Chance Is Very Bright,,,

and 101% Sensex , Nifty, Will Cross Life-Time High,

Yes, Above 6180, No Worry @ All, Any Decliine Or Panic Sessio Only Buy,,,

will Update you More,, In Trading Hour..

Updated At 07:40 Pm 20/Oct/Delhi/India

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