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Trading Strategy for 29- Nov, Have Eyes On 6185 Level Once Cross With Volume We See Blast ,Lower Support @ 6110_6090

Nifty Future Update:

Above is The Chart Of Daily Chart,  & Showing That, Something Is Cooking Very Very Big In Mkt,,,, Someone Is Waiting !!

Yes, Trade With levels, We Dont Belive On Fundamentals & Only believe On Chart

Yes, Our Crucial Support @ 6110__6090,

Once Break 6090, We Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Slide Upto_6067___6030

Have Eyes On 6185 Level Very Carefully,

Once Cross 6185 With Volume &  Stay Above This Level , We Seeeeee Blast
Upto_________ 6230__6245, Thereafter More Fire,!!

Updated At 8:50 Am 29/Nov/Delhi/India

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