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TRADING STRATEGY For 31 Dec, Last Day of the Year, Keep Eyes on Our Laxman Rekha Zone, Yes, Some Thing Is Big Cooking In Jan Month Can We See 10000 Or 11700 Level,?????

NF : Last Support exist at 10830_10790

Not Breaking Friday’s low of 10817 & Trades above 10870…..expect Target of 10947-11030  in hrs

Correction From :11760 to 10004

On 7 sep We Clearly Told Exit from All Long Position, as expected Nifty Crashed Vertically!

Why u people running to watch TV channels and visit different wesbites ??Yes Just make practise to read our daily update & earn unexpected money.

Now ,Whole India is Bearish……and many So called TV Analysts were surprised of this fall and now also many Analysts are saying and writing …not to worry about fall.(Saying & Writing is one thing ,Trading in market and earning is another )


Our Trading Tool Set-up is Clearly Showing That Panic From Top level, yes . Our Hurdle At 10870___10930
Risk Taker ,Go Short AT Higher level With These Laxman Rekha Zone
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“Fear not for the future, weep not for the past”

-After reading above forecast….still u are paying Money to Jokers and watching wanker on Blue Channels !!

This WEEK :

(Today if crosses 10947 with volumes +closes above this level then watch nonstop explosive move and huge buying will start will take NF to 11147—11230 in next 48 hrs )

Suppose closes below 10780 then ????

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Updated At 8:03 Am 5/ 31 Dec /Delhi/India

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