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Trading Strategy For 5 Oct, On Rise Nifty Will Face Hurdle 9927____9947, Our Mantra Sell With Stoploss ,Keep Eyes On Divislab ,LT & Lic Housing, In Banknifty ON RISE Only SELL, jai ho!!

NF : Last Support exist at 9876____9830

Not Crossing Yesterday’s High of 9956 & Trade Below 9927…..expect Target of 9876-9830 in hrs

On Tuesday as expected Nifty Crashed from Morning Gap Up Level, !!But In the End Recovered…Just read our Archieves section and see from last many days 

Why u people running to watch TV channels and visit different wesbites ??Yes Just make practise to read our daily update & earn unexpected money.

Now ,Whole India is Bullish……and many So called TV Analysts were surprised of this fall and now also many Analysts are saying and writing …not to worry about fall.(Saying & Writing is one thing ,Trading in market and earning is another )

Correction From :10180 to 9700

 Our Mantra, One Big Elephant Candle Showing That, Sell -Set-up Made, Its Only Dead Cat Bounce Only  Upside HURDLE & Our Laxman Rekha Zone exist at 10027__10047 , Around These level, Go Short, & Sell Everything  In Coming Days, If Nifty Not Cross 10027__10047 Level With in 1 Week Then Panic Slide Upto___9747____9727  


*9670 Trend Decider Level  & 10147 These two levels Are very Important (More details to our Subcribers )

BANK-NIFTY FUTURE : Last closed at  24113 , Already Day Before Yesterday Updated Sell Bnaknifty Future & Relax, Our Laxman Rekha Zone 24470_____24530 Level, WEEKLY CHART Indicationg That In Coming Days, Big Panic Slide,  ON RISE OUR MANTR AONLY SEL(More details to our Subcribers )
Commodity Tips
Last Closed AT  871 ,  Last HURDLE AT 891  YES ONCE Cross
891 Will zoooooooom To kiss 915__923 Thereafter More Firework

 Last Closed AT 645
Our HURDLE ZONE AT 653___________657   YES SELL LIC HOUSING NEAR OUR HURDLE & RELAX, Big Panic Slide ON CARD For Today Will Seeeeee 630_621

Last closed At  1138, Yes Keep Stoploss of
1125 Buy LT & Relax, Upside Rally Will Seee Upto_______1170_1205 Level, Lower Support At 1125___1121 Level, Once Break 1121 Then No Buying All Panic Slide Upto___1085_______1067  For Positional Trader 

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Updated At 9:10 Am 5/ OCT/Delhi/India

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