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Trading Strategy For Banknifty, Above 31830, ,Problem for Shorters, Yes Catch Our Darling Stock @ opening Bell, Titan, & Sell Vguard

Last closed At 31680
Final HURDLE AT 31830 IN BANKNIFTY FUTURE, Yes, Once It Crosses 31830 Stay Above This Level,
Will Zoom To kiss 32570_______32830

Be Ready for Nonstop- Rally 1500 Pts,

Buy Titan @ opening Bell, & Just Relax, Any Decline Or Panic In Intraday Only Buy
& Relax, Keeep Stoploss 1243,  & Go Long, Above 1260
Will zooom To kisss 1330_____1346,

Yes  On Card, Big Panic, Is hidden,  Or negative News,
SELL @ Opening Bell, & Relax,  Below 240,  Only Panic, Today, WILL Slide

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Updated At 08:42Am / 04JUN /Delhi/India

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