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Weekly Market Dose: Crucial Updated on Gold ,Silver,Copper,Nickel, Be Ready for Big Move, jai ho!!


Above is chart of Gold Comex,  Yes
In Comex Our Laxman REKHA 1161, Yes Once Cross This Level, We Wil Seeeeeeeeeeeeeee
1205___1212 Level


Keep Eyes On Level of 27230_______27276
Yes If you Want to Do TEJI, Then Fresh Around Of Buying After Cross 27276 Level,
Will Seee 27656_____27780 Thereafter more Fire

Very Crucial Support  26535__6480, Yes  If Break 26480 , Will Seeeeeeeeeee Panic Upto 26280_____26230 level,

Yes Below 26230 Will Seeeeeee RapeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeBIG PANIC ON CARD, CHANCE IS RARE
for LOWer SIDE


In Comex $15:30 is Laxman Rekha

Yes Above 15.30 Will Seeeeeee Upside Upto____16.90______17.30 Crucial Support @ 13.90, Yes
Below Will Seeeeeeeee Panic Only Panic Upto_$12.50_____12.10


LAXMAN REKHA @ 36700 Will Act Laxman Rekha, Yes , Something is cooking very Big In Mkt
We Expect Big Move this Week, Yes, No Doubt, Our Mantra Any Decline Or Panic

Will Seee Buy Side  Crucial Support @ 35286_32956 Level, Yes On Decline Near Our Support You Can Buy it, !!!OUR ULTIMATE TARGET__38400____39200



Copper below 342 , Will Seeeeeeeeeeee Panic Upto_________333______331 Yes Big Panic If Break  & Closed Below 331, Will Seee BIG Panic Only Panic, 325_32

Yes 3 Cosecutive Closing Below 331 Will Seeeeeeeeeeeeeee  TARGET 318____315

Nickle Above 862 Only Small Really , Will Zooooooooooooooooom To Kiss 876_____882  Yes Expiry is Near,

Updated At 6:44 Am 26/ Sep /Delhi/India

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